Cable protection duct with system Vogelsang RSR®


RSR® - the duct with the intelligent inside surface

The system Vogelsang RSR® is used for cable protection conduits made of PE-HD.

RSR® stands for: inside spiral grooves changing the direction.

The inner surface of the conuit is designed in such a way that the minimum possible resistance (minimization of the sliding friction coefficient) is achieved with a cable to be pulled in.

Due to this new patented inner conduit surface, cables can be pulled into existing conduits much more easily and more gently. This means that fiber optic cables may be pulled-into the ducts in lengths of 2000 m and more. A system -oriented "self-optimization" takes place in difficult routes (many bends, height differences etc.).

Thus, an effect is achieved by means of a mathematically precisely determined inner surface ot the conduit, which offers the best advantages to the user.


The physics – RSR® and its function

In its function, the system Vogelsang RSR® essentially depends on the fact that the sliding friction coefficient decreases with increasing friction forces (heat). This is achieved physically by the mathematical determination of the smallest possible contact area form the cable to the inner surface of the conduit. The Vogelsang formula can be used to calculate the optimum. Depending on the duct dimension and the smallest cable diameter to be used, this results in a geometry which is determined by a defined number of grooves, their angle of rotation and their reversal point.

When the cable is drawn of pulled into a conduit, friction or heat is generated. In conjunction with the mathematically minimal contact surface, the sliding forces decrease sharply at elevated operating temperature. This physical process is very similar to a skate on the ice.

Conclusion: Significant reduction of the coefficient of friction using the system Vogelsang RSR®.

RSR® - Tailored for the customer

We, the company Vogelsang, offer our customers a duct that is tailor-made for the user's technical requirements.

The customer informs us about:

  • a) the duct dimension
  • b) the smallest cable diameter used in the duct

We mathematically determine the smalles inner surface area (contact area) of the cable and thus produce the physically optimum inner surface area for the installation technique.

The avantage of an innovation

The innovative system Vogelsang RSR® has created an "intelligent" duct inner surface with a variety of advantages:

  • Reduction of the insertion forces of the cable to be installed in a plastic duct
  • This considerbly increases the insertion lengths for both, pulling-in and blowing-in
  • Continuous installation speed during the injection process
  • Uniform pulling-in forces
  • This results in less mechanical forces on the cable to be installed. Therefore the high-quality cable types are protected

The innovation RSR® created by Vogelsang, contributes significantly to a cost reduction for the users. The number of mounting pits is minimized by means of larger insertion lengths. Furthermore, fewer connecting elements are required so that the assembly times required for this are considerably reduced. Cable damages as a result of overstraining by tensile forces are reduced to a minimum.

An innovation which reduces the costs for the user.