Dipl.-Ing. Dr. E. Vogelsang

has been founded by registration into the Commercial Register in Recklinghausen  on 02nd January 1930.


Our early years

In the early years Dr. Erst Vogelsang dealt with commercial representations in various fields of industry, especially in the area of protection against corrosion for steel pipelines.

It was in these days that he worked on own developments and inventions, e.g. in the sector of spring protection for the automobile industry.


Our development

The years of buidling up after the second world war and the economical upturn after overcoming the post-war time required the construction of an infra-structure in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The gas, water and electricity sector required durable isolating and sealing systems as well as products for the protection against corrosion on a large scale.
Since 1951 an attempt was made to meet these requirements by the construction of own production plants in Recklinghausen.


Our new location

After a few years, it became clear that the locatio in the inner city area of Recklinghausen was no longer sufficient for respecting the requirements of the expanding markets. The entrepreneurial planning, the intense occupation with new products made of plastics became mature. The idea of the production of plastic pipes of PVC was born. However, the realization of such a project has been only possible in another location. With the neighbour town, Herten, an area has been found where the ideas could gradually be realized.

The transmission of the production plant and the administration service to Herten has been carried out in approximately 5 years and has been finished in the beginning of the 60s. The follwoing times were characterized by a continuous technical development. The macroeconomic evolution in the section of gas, water and electricity supply as well as telecommunications required a spatial extension combined with the further structural expansion.


Expansion of the product portfolio

Beside the original production section (corrosion protection and cable protection of PVC) new products haave been faced for example pressure pipes of PVC rigid. The time was characterized by a continuous extension in the area of special products.

Since 1984 national and international markets required a permanent extension of the product range. Cable protection pipes, pressure and drinking water pipes of PE-HD and further special ducts for the telecommunications have been incorporated into the production range. We faced these new challenges, and we were able to offer our customer a well-developed program in the area of PE-HD

Latest technological knowledge of the pipe production and development processes were realized i a production unit for PVC and ducts of PH-HD, constructed with the adjacent buildings in 1988, in an exemplary industrial architecture. Our administration building, finished also in 1988 adapts itself to our business philosophy.
The fact, that we were on the right way i this respect was also several times confirmed by various compartment committees, for example architect competitions.

In the year 1993 the Technical Centre was built up. Here, the possibilities were created to realize our innovations by means of research programs, developed according to scientific knowledge with the heip of state-of-the-art computer engineering.
Our own workshops with latest technoloy help us to create the technical prerequisites for these developments. A laboratory, equipped in the most modern way, is supporting our destination route.

The knowledge acquired in the German market in decades and our experience have led us to explore new ways and to build up new international resources. Vogelsang now cooperaates with many European partners and delivers to a large extent beyond the European borders.

Our continuously rising presence on international trade fairs deepens our contacts wordlwide.


The change