Plug technique „System Vogelsang“ - exemplary in every detail

The plug technique „System Vogelsang“ solves the task to connect ducts exemplarily.
With our own development, we have designed a pioneering construction that makes the cable duct connection even more reliable and safe. The system (for example, Deutsche Telekom / DB (German Railway) Railway and Energy supply) has already proved its worth millions of times.


sophisticated functioning

The patented plug connection „System Vogelsang" includes the constantly improved concept of an unusual solution. The special features of this connection are:

  1. The factory inserted sealing element without a support ring. It allows an easy and non-destructive change of the sealing ring in case of possible damage.
  2. A lip in the area of the bead for wiping off superfluous lubricant on one hand, which is necessary for the insertion of the ducts and, on the other hand, for securing the profiled ring against being pressed out of the bead.
  3. The tightness and operational reliability are ensured by a multiple sealing element, which is pressed together when the ducts ares placed in between.
  4. The particular shape of the profile ring prevents the penetration of foreign bodies e.g. sand between duct wall and sealing ring in the area of the sealing zone.
  5. The new design reduces the insertion force when installing the cable protection ducts by approx. 40%.