Social Engagement

Assuming responsibility and creating new perspectives: Social engagement is part of our self-conception. With our donations, we therefore promote various social projects and institutions. We are particularly interested in projects that support children and young people and stand for them.

Therapy center Hof Feuler in Marl

The maintenance association for handicapped people e.V. Marl (PBM e.V.) runs the therapy center Hof Feuler.  The focus of the association is on therapeutic riding. The competently educated horse provides opportunities for disabled people, such as dealing with anxiety, promoting confidence, experiencing self-esteem, developing concentration, sensory integration, motor and muscular stimulation, and more.
The term "therapeutic riding" is understood as a generic concept and is divided into three areas:

  • medicine (hippotherapy)
  • Pedagogy (curative support with the horse)
  • sports (riding as a sport for people with disabilities)

The therapy center Hof Feuler is in the fortunate position of being able to offer all three areas.


WiLmA Recklinghausen

WiLmA stands for “Wohnen im Ladenlokal mit Aktionen” (living in a shop with action). We run a facility that offers a regular meeting place for children and young people in the Südstadt district of Recklinghausen.

WiLmA is…

  • Living in a shop with action
  • for children from 5 to 15 years
  • a place to play, learn and have fun
  • a non-profit and independent association
  • financed only from donations


Médecins Sans Frontières

MSF provides emergency relief in crises and war zones and after natural catastrophes. The international organization helps quickly, efficiently and unbureaucratically - without asking about the origin, religion or political conviction of the affected people.