Switch-multiple ducts

2x50x4,6 „System Vogelsang“ of PE-HD acc. to DIN 16874

  • Nearly tension free drum handling and installation.
  • Both single ducts are available with different colours (stripes) and markings that are always clearly visible.
  • Due to the high flexibility, the Switch-multiple duct is particularly suitable for the installation in inner cities.
  • Easy plowing possible.
  • According to DIN 16876, the grooved inside surface ensures the maximum pull-in / blowing-in length with the lowest possible stress on the cable.


  • Switch®-multiple duct


  • PE-HD - High Density Polyethylene


  • DIN 16874 „Pipes of high-density polyethylene (PE-HD) for buried telecommunication - Dimensions and technical delivery conditions“


  • G =plain ends

Available in coils or on drums (see dimension list).
Switch 50-50 - 2 x 50x4,6 mm. Length: 1000* m

* Wrapping length in relation to steel drum : 2550x1200x1500/1600 mm (Outside- / Inside- / Drum width)


  • Installation of telecommunication cables

Marking of the ducts

(Marking on each duct = italic)


Manufacturer's designationTelePipe System Vogelsang
TypeCable duct
Raw material PE-HD
Dimension, e.g.50x4,6
Fabrication date (day/ month/ year)15.02.17
Standard, e.g.DIN 16874
Extrusion line no.R3
Meter marking600 (only on the lead duct)
marking of property, if required

Tabular listing of the requirements on ducts of PE-HD 50x4,6 acc. to DIN 16874

Tests / requirementsUnitDIN 16874
Raw material pressure resistant PE-HD types (e.g. PE 80)
Weightkg/mapprox.. 0,666
Dimensional conformity [mm]mm

d= 50,0 + 0,5

s1 = 4,6 + 0,7

s1.1 = 4,2+ 0,7

Surface- inside and outside smooth
(unevenesse are admissible if not exceeding the dimensional specifications)
Longitudinal alteration after hot treatment%∑ ≥ 3
Alteration after hot treatment-no cracks, bubbles or blisters
Creep rupture testh> 170 h

Material characteristics

Tests/ RequirementsUnitCharacteristics acc. to DIN 16874
E-Modulus acc. to DIN 53457 and ISO 527MPa> 700
Yield stress acc. to DIN EN 638MPa≥ 18
Tensile strength acc. to DIN EN 638MPa≥ 20
Elongation at break acc. to DIN EN 638%≥ 500