The last few years have been characterized by a permanent, strong increase of the quotation for polyolefins raw materials (crude oil). As this trend will continue in the future, we have developed a new cable protection duct which requires up to 30% less resources than the classic solid wall duct-

the new patented EcoPipe.

This new duct generation combines the mechanical strenghts of the relevant DIN standards for cable protection (DIN 16876 - PE-HD cable ducts and DIN 16878 cable ducts - PP cable ducts) with a lower component weight.

Naturally, the EcoPipe also fulfills the static requirements of ATV DVWK - A127. Due to its conformity to the standards, the EcoPipe is compatible with all common cable protection systems.

A vast fitting program completes the EcoPipe system.

The new EcoPipe is the first to combine the positive properties of the cable protection duct made of polyolefine with up to 30% material savings. All common standard requirements are met and the product is compliant with REACH. The EcoPipe is thus inexpensive and therefore a profit for you and for the ecology.