Multiple ducts M4

DIN 16874

DIN 16874

Einzug in Kabelschutzrohre

Einzug in Kabelschutzrohre

The multiple ducts of PE-HD with TelePipe inside grooves acc. to DIN 16874 serve for the optimum exploitation of cable conduits, e.g. DN 100. They are used where several communication and supply cables are installed in limited space.

The multiple ducts are composed of single conduits, interconnected with film membranes. The multiple ducts guarantee the highest operational reliability, durability, rational stock keeping and installation technique. If necessary (joining, sealing, subsequent supplementation), the composite duct may be disintegrated partially or on the whole by separating the film membranes

Due to the TelePipe inside grooves the max. pulling-in and blowing-in length may be realized charging the cable slightestly.

The innovation TelePipe allows for an additional reduction of the insertion forces.


  • DIN 16874 „Pipes of high-density polyethylene (PE-HD) for buried telecommunication - Dimensions and technical delivery conditions“


  • TR = drums


  • Installation of telecommunication and data cables

Multiple duct - installation in pipes

Unit: m
Drum: Ø 2,55 m

 Item no.      M4  Wall thickness in mm  Packaging length in m    Net weight/ unit in kg


M4 40-32-40-32 mm

2,5 - 2,0 - 2,5 - 2,0



Special lengths and types on demand