Evo®-tape K 1

Dauerbetriebstemperatur bis zu 30°C (86°F)

Dauerbetriebstemperatur bis zu 30°C (86°F)

Kalt verarbeitbar

Kalt verarbeitbar

Verarbeitung ohne Primer

Verarbeitung ohne Primer

The Evo®-tape K 1 is a cold applied corrosion protective tape acc. to DIN 30 672 (12/2000) and DIN EN 12 068 (03/1999) with DIN DVGW-reg.-no.: NV-5180BN0260.

The tape is used for components like flanges, fittings and building anchors.

Due to its low oxygen and water vapour permeability, the Evo®-tape K 1 is a reliable corrosion protection.

Structure of the system:

Applied in three layers, the Evo®-tape K 1 meets the requirements of DIN 30 672 and DIN EN 12 068, stress class A 30.

Attention! Our coating systems are not suitable for the sealing of leakages in media transporting pipelines, but exclusively for the prevention and protection from corrosion.

Special advantages:

  • high plasticity and flexibility
  • easy handling
  • resistant against acids, alkali solutions and industrial gases

Unit: roll
Packaging: box

Item no.TypeLength in mWidth in mmQuantity / PackageNet weight/ unit in kg
H55070510Evo®-tape K1105010,750
H55071010Evo®-tape K11010011,500

Evo®-tape K1

H55072010Evo®-tape K11020013,000

Special types on demand

PropertyUnitRequired value acc. to
DIN EN 12068
DIN 30672
Actual value
Cathodic disbondment resistance at 23Cmm≤ 206
Drip resistance----resistantresistant
Impact resistanceJ≥ 0,4>4
Indentation resistancemmresidual layer thickness ≥0,6>3,6
Covering resistanceΩ/m²≥1x1063x1011