Evo®-sealing mass

The Evo®-sealing mass is a permanently plastics sealing material and has excellent adhesive properties on nearly all surfaces, e.g. on wet glass surfaces or on wet concrete. 

Even under ageing conditions, the homogeneous consistence of the Evo®-sealing mass will not result in an alteration of the volume. The max. operating temperature of + 30°C  must be respected.

The Evo®-sealing mass offers a perfect protection from rodents. Microcracks or leakages, possibly caused by cable or soil movements, are tightly sealed due to the „self-repairing“ swelling effect of the material in standing water. 

The Evo®-sealing mass is often also used with immediate effect as emergency measure for preventing from the penetration of water current.

Unit: pc.

Packaging Evo®-sealing mass 620 g = 20 pcs./ box
Packaging Evo®-sealing mass 310 ml = 25 pcs./ box

Item no.                                                                                                             Type     Net weight/unit            in kg


Evo®-sealing mass 620 g



Evo®-sealing mass 310 ml, small cartridge